The ThroneBreaker Prequel

06-07 APRIL 2024


During the early 1990's, a nomadic tribe of warriors are roaming the lands of Rustopia. This harsh, unsettled country seems to hold little value besides the gold ore deposits and oil fields. The Wastelanders, cloaked in rough fabrics and leather, have learned to thrive amid ruthless conditions and are masters of guerrilla warfare, as they have been fighting several adversary tribes since a long time. Led by the charismatic Jens, they search for a place to settle in the seemingly endless wasteland, trying to establish a peaceful existence for themselves.

On the other side of the horizon, the Nightwalkers are thriving. This isolated community, commanded by the visionary Nathan, has settled amid abandoned industrial ruins. Clad in discarded, rusty technologies and worn-out equipment, they have transformed their enclave into a beacon of recovered technology.

The Nightwalkers believe in the evolution of civilization through technological advancement. They constantly scout the region in search of ancient artifacts and technological treasures, determined to realize their vision of a resurrected world.

When the Wastelanders and the Nightwalkers cross paths, two divergent visions of the future collide. The technological advances of the Nightwalkers are contrasted with the rugged determination of those who are searching the peace and quiet of Rustopia. As a physical confrontation seems inevitable, both Factions prepare themselves for what seems to be a long-lasting conflict.

    shadow events belgium


    shadow events belgium

    Dresscode: Flat colours only. Lumberjack shirts are allowed, but no camo patterns! Both Faction patches will be worn at all times. Ghillies are not allowed.

    Faction Perk: Sandstorm. Harness the power of the Wasteland and obscure yourself from enemy vision. A smokescreen will be deployed at chosen grid, maximum 1x every mission.

    shadow events belgium

    Dresscode: Only camo patterns are allowed (Jigsaw, Multicam, Flecktarn, etc). Only this Faction may wear ghillie / leaf suits.

    Faction Perk: Orbital StrikeFire a directed beam of energy from the sky at a certain 1x1 grid, killing friend and foe alike. A pyro will be deployed at chosen grid, maximum 1x every mission.

    Important: Respect the dresscode of your Faction. If your outfit does not match the requirements, we may decide to assign you to the opposing Faction! Your 2 faction patches are included in your ticket. You'll receive them upon your arrival at the event.


    shadow events belgium

    The Rustopians are a collection of local tribes in Rustopia, who are caught in the conflict between the Wastelanders and the Nightwalkers.

    They may help or hamper your mission, depending on how they are treated by your Faction. Be advised, you will need their support in order to complete many of your objectives! Roleplayers are represented by Wolves Airsoft Team and are part of the Event Orga. They are NO SHOOT unless instructed otherwise.


    For the first time at Shadow Events Belgium, we will be running 2 mission timelines simultaneously! You will need to decide which one you will pursue, as both timelines hold significant advantages for your Factions' evolution. Will you go for battlefield domination, or do you focus on building a strong base? Your choice!

    PR1 is an airsoft-event where tactical simulations evolve into 1 narrative throughout both days. Our game is built around a few key principles instead of rules, so you will decide your own actions & choose your missions. Random events may always happen in a moving world, so be prepared to think outside the box! Each Facton will receive specific missions & information. As usual, Shadow04 TactiShots will provide you with full HD pictures and we'll also have a drone pilot on-site who'll capture your best movements on video! Event location: F16 ATOM 922 (Lucheux, FR).

    You can get TP merch, batteries, gas, bb's, kill rags and other last-minute supplies at our shop in the Safe Zone. Parking your car happens at the front gate & behind the Safe Zone. When you arrive, you'll be greeted by our crew. Please follow their instructions! We are urging you to carpool as much as possible! Parking space is limited and we wish to avoid closing off certain areas of the battlefield to accomodate your car. As usual, free coffee will be provided at the entrance of our Safe Zone, and our team will be around to help you with any questions you may have. There will be NO rental airsoft devices for hire. Bring your own kit.

    A full weekend ticket includes lunch + breakfast on SAT & SUN, and catering on SAT evening.

    A light weekend ticket includes catering on SAT evening only. You'll need to bring your own breakfast + lunch.

    Alcohol will only be served at the bar after endgame. We have a zero tolerance on drugs! You will be sent home instantly if you use drugs at our event. Camping is possible both in- & outdoors, but you will need to bring your own gear to accommodate yourself! No reservations on indoor sleeping spots! There will also be limited access to electricity, and we will provide charging stations, but bring a powerbank. Toilets & hot water on-site, as well as free hPa refills!



    Strictly use bio BB's. No (IR) lasers allowed. NVG's are OK.

    LAUNCHERS: ONLY foam projectiles (compatible with TAGinn launchers).

    INDOOR: ONLY BB grenades and Cap Firing Grenades.

    OUTDOOR: All smoke and pyrotechnic grenades are allowed (including 6mm Tectonic nades).


    Pistol / pump-action / LMG / AEG + HPA semi-auto replica: 1.2 joule (1 meter safety distance)

    DMR with 2 second delay: 1.7 joule (20 meter safety distance)

    Bolt-action sniper rifle: 2.3 joule (20 meter safety distance)

    shadow events belgium



    1800-2200H: Gates OPEN for early arrivals.


    0800H: Gates OPEN

    0930H: Gates CLOSED + start Joule-check

    1030H: Briefing + Start Game

    1300-1400H: Lunch (included in ticket)

    1700H: Endgame + Bar OPEN

    1730-1930H: Catering by Barrie's

    1930-2030H: Minigame + flea market (sell your used stuff!)

    2100H: Briefing + Start Night Game

    2300H: End Night Game

    0200H: Bar CLOSED



    0730-0900H: Breakfast (included in ticket)

    0930H: Tombola drawing (by Airsoftshop)

    1300-1400H: Lunch (included in ticket)

    1600H: Endgame

      See you in France for the first chapter of the Project Rustopia storyline! Follow us on FB for more information: Shadow Events Belgium / TactiPatch.